Fosroc Launch Patchroc 250

Fosroc have been manufacturing concrete repair mortars for over 50 years. During that time they have built up a fantastic reputation for developing and manufacturing cutting edge technology products. To complement their existing floor repair mortars Patchroc and Paveroc, Fosroc have recently launched Patchroc 250. Patchroc 250 is a one part cementitious repair mortar that has the following characteristics: –

  • Can be applied at a thickness from 25 – 250mm in one pour
  • Fast strength gain allows a return to traffic in 2 hours at 20oC
  • Can be used as a trafficable surface
  • Ready for the application of resin products in as little as 3 – 4 hours depending on the temperature
  • Low heat generation and low hydration shrinkage reduces the risk of cracking even at high application thicknesses
  • No need for a primer
  • Effective in low temperatures
  • Easy to apply and can be mixed to a trowellable or fluid consistency

Patchroc 250 can be used on repairs internally or externally and is strong enough to receive a number of resin finishes having been tested to BS EN 1504 – 3 R4 class. Read more here.

For further information on this or any other of our Fosroc repair products please get in touch with Chris Orme on or 07747 762277.


Sika has developed a unique crack-bridging solution for the time and cost-effective refurbishment of car parks. It includes an innovative application method that has been developed for surfaces with direct traffic.

The Sikalastic® OneShot Parkdeck System contains a combination of proven technologies: fast-curing pure polyurea liquid, and a tough-elastic, coloured, polyurethane seal coat. Developed to protect surfaces subject to direct traffic, the Sikalastic® OneShot system provides safe, robust decking for multi-storey and underground car parks; it’s a slip-resistant, highly-durable product with high crack-bridging ability to reduce time on site. This is achieved through its unique application method via special two-part spray equipment, which is used to apply ultra-rapid Sika® Concrete Primer and the crack-bridging waterproofing membrane Sikalastic®-8800, in preparation for the system’s roller-applied, non-slip polyurethane seal coat.

The Sikalastic® OneShot Parkdeck System’s time and cost-effectiveness is enhanced by its sand constituent, which is fully-bonded and removes the need to remove excess particles.

Simon Clark Product Manager at Sika said: “Sikalastic® OneShot Parkdeck System is another result of our drive for innovation in the flooring market. With this system, we have developed a solution that saves time and expense in relation to car park deck installation, without compromise to performance. Its Sika technologies guarantee car park flooring that looks as good as it lasts.”

As well as withstanding the long-term stresses and strains of traffic movements, the Sikalastic® OneShot Parkdeck System offers superb resistance to related issues such as rainwater, atmospheric carbonation, de-icing salts and automotive fluids, movement and groundwater.

The Sikalastic® OneShot Parkdeck System returns a car park to service quicker and minimises the loss of revenue – in one shot.

Brian Poulson Obituary

FeRFA is sad to announce the death of the former FeRFA executive director Brian Poulson on the 5th April 2020.

Brian Poulson was born on the 31st July 1937 in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Having attended St Albans Grammar School where he excelled in both Mathematics and Sciences, Brian won a scholarship to study Chemistry at Downing College Cambridge in 1956, graduating in 1959 with an honours degree in Natural Sciences. He then devoted his working life to the application of science to building, construction and highway engineering.

His first post was at Rickmansworth as a research chemist for Cementation Research (1959-1968) concentrating on construction and mining processes. At Cementation Chemicals in Norbury, South London, (1968-1972), he became a Technical Manager focusing on industrial flooring, structural waterproofing, and concrete repair.

Brian was able to specialise as the General Manager for Technical and Marketing for Redland Prismo at Rowfant, (1972-1981) in road markings, specialist surfacings and joint sealants. He was particularly proud of the work he undertook in Japan, the USA and at Tehran Airport in Iran. From squash courts to international motorways, his research, laboratory development and applied learning were bearing fruit.

He became technical director at Fosroc in Leighton Buzzard (1981-4), specialising in international mining chemicals and resin products and then moved to Prodorite in Wednesbury, West Midlands (1984-1990). This was a smaller national firm specialising in industrial floorings, concrete repair and specialist coating products. He was to enjoy some of the most productive and fulfilling years of his working life in the Black Country, where he felt welcomed and at home.

Brian’s calm, analytical, scientific brain, became invaluable as an expert witness at the Investigation into the King’s Cross Underground Fire of 1987 chaired by Desmond Fennell. Brian was able to help disprove the initial belief that the paint provided by Prodorite had caused the disastrous flashover. In so doing, he contributed to evidencing the real lessons learnt by the enquiry.

In 1990 Brian moved back into the international business world with WR Grace, based in Slough, as Group Leader in the Industrial Flooring and Concrete Repair Division before becoming an independent consultant in 1995. The contacts he forged internationally became invaluable and his extensive technical knowledge was deployed with the generous enthusiasm of a life-long industrial chemist who perceived his labour as vocation.

Brian’s experience and technical expertise began to serve a wider scientific and commercial community and his horizons broadened beyond the UK. He became Technical Chairman of the Resin Flooring Association (FeRFA); and Secretary General of the European Federation of National Associations Representing producers and applicators of specialist building products for Concrete (EFNARC).

The former President of EFNARC, David Chapman, based in Belgium, paid tribute by declaring that, “Brian was incredibly knowledgeable in the field of Construction Chemicals and was one of the people who helped create a billion pound industry in the UK today”. He went on to remark how Brian’s contribution had been recognised more across Europe than in his own country where he had been instrumental in the development of the European Construction Chemicals industry.


Global building products manufacturer, Sika, has launched a ‘next generation’ range of primers and coatings which fulfil the flooring market’s need for rapid, durable products with added sustainability.

Sikafloor®-150 and Sikafloor®-151 are multi-purpose primers which benefit the environment, as well as create durable, high-performance flooring. Comprising two-part, epoxy resin and suitable for use as levelling mortar and mortar screed, the products conform to the environmental ‘low-emitting materials’ standard: LEED v4 EQc 2. The primers’ low odour composition enhances their strong sustainable performance.

Sikafloor®-150 and Sikafloor®-151 are also notable for their rapid curing time; ensuring installers involved in the most complex of projects are able to meet the appointed deadline. Exhibiting excellent penetration due to their low viscosity, the primers are ideal for low-to-medium absorbent substrates.

In addition, Sika has launched Sikafloor®-2640 – a solution when reliable performance and rapid, easy application are a prerequisite. This two-part, epoxy floor coating and seal coat, which offers excellent blush resistance, provides either a seamless smooth, high gloss finish; or optimum slip, mechanical and chemical resistant profiles in areas such as car park decks, warehouses and manufacturing facilities, food and drink manufacturing plants, airport hangers, workshops and garages.

Sikafloor®-2640 is accredited to standards EN 15404-2: surface protection product for concrete – coating; and EN 13813: resin screed material for internal use in buildings. Simon Clark, Product Manager at Sika said: “We are extremely excited to be introducing these superb products to the marketplace. They are testament to our continued drive for innovation in developing flooring solutions which provide long-term benefit for our customers and the industry as a whole, whilst cementing our reputation as leaders in our field.”


Sika has launched the next generation of enhanced performance, faster cure floor coatings that are suitable for a range of applications where safety and durability are paramount.

Sikafloor®-2640 is a two-part, epoxy floor coating and seal coat which is notable for its easy application and hard-wearing, long-term performance.

With excellent blush resistance, Sikafloor®-2640 provides either a seamless smooth, high gloss finish, or a range of slip resistant profiles for areas where optimum mechanical and chemical resistance is required, such as car park decks, warehouses and manufacturing facilities, food and drink manufacturing plants, airport hangers, workshops and garages.

Sikafloor®-2640 has been developed using low emission resin, increasing its sustainable credentials which are further enhanced by its low odour properties. A range of thicknesses can be achieved with this system, depending on the anticipated wear.

For hygiene-critical areas used for food and drink manufacture, it is vital that the flooring is low maintenance and easy to clean, Sikafloor®-2640 has both aspects covered.

Accredited to standards EN 15404-2: surface protection product for concrete – coating; and EN 13813: resin screed material for internal use in buildings, Sikafloor®-2640 is the solution when reliable performance and a rapid and easy application are a prerequisite.

Simon Clark, Product Manager at Sika, said: “We’re incredibly excited to be introducing Sikafloor®-2640 to the marketplace. Its enhanced performance, developed by Sika technology, makes this product a leader in its field. Rapid-cure, easy-to-apply and exceptionally durable, we believe Sikafloor®-2640 represents a new level of flooring excellence.”