31st July 2019

The Preparation Group is SafeHire certified.

Kate Walshaw, The Preparation Group’s Group Hire Manager has been re-elected as an HAE (Hire Association Europe) Supply Chain board member, demonstrating that she has clearly made a positive impact. In the same month, the company renewed its Hire Industry Trusted Supplier (HITS) status and for the third year running, proved its commitment to providing quality surface and floor preparation products and services as a HAE member by attaining its SafeHire Certification.

SafeHire is a continual Business Improvement program that sets and helps to maintain high standards of operation within the Hire industry. The SafeHire certificate lasts for three years but is reviewed annually, raising awareness with government and trading standards. It has mutual recognition from PQQ organisations as a pre-requisite to their accreditations and Build UK members.

Kate heads the Hire division and has been dedicated to continual improvement in quality and delivery of customer satisfaction, providing competitively priced surface preparation, removal and finishing equipment, accessories and solutions –  as is at the core of this certification. Kate and her team provide a wealth of knowledge to benefit Hire customers and is passionate about giving the best possible service and advice.

Tracey Glew Managing Director says; ‘Kate has worked hard over the last few years championing the benefits of HAE membership and the associated standards, with her customers being her number one priority and we are extremely proud of Kate’s continued commitment. ‘

For advice or equipment demonstrations call the hire team on 01522 561 460 / email hire@ppcgroup.co.uk.