5th March 2019

BBA Approval for The Resin Mills Resin Bound Surfacing

The Resin Mill have been awarded The British Board of Agreement, (BBA), technical approval certificate for their resin bound products.

The BBA is the UK’s leading certification body for the construction industry and achieving the certificate epitomises product excellence. The BBA is the ultimate mark of quality and assurance with systems having to pass a series of comprehensive and rigorous tests which are in line with building specification guidelines.

For resin bound systems, it confirms the strength, stability, durability, skid resistance and permeability of the systems, confirming they have been assessed to the highest standards. This means that architects, specifiers and local authorities looking for impartial product approval can be assured of the reliability of resin bound systems from The Resin Mill. Their certification is one of the most comprehensive in the resin bound industry, covering their full range of resin bound colours, on both types of polyurethane resin, UV and Non-UV. It also certifies resin bound surfacing that has been installed with or without sand.

It is a huge achievement for The Resin Mill to receive BBA approval. Jason Wainwright, Managing Director at The Resin Mill said about The BBA: ‘It all fits in with our company ethos of quality and peace of mind. It’s about improving and growing the market in a professional manner. Being a supplier of BBA approved products will give our clients the upper hand in a competitive market place.’

The Resin Mill produce and supply quality polyurethane resin for resin driveways, paths and patios. Their resin bound materials have been supplied to some of the most prestigious resin bound installs across the UK. For more information please visit www.theresinmill.co.uk.