The past summer has seen an important personnel change at FeRFA, the Resin Flooring Association, with the retirement of longstanding CEO Helen McGachie and the arrival of a new incumbent Mark Spowage

Helen had been Chief Executive at FeRFA for 13 years, during which time the Association has changed dramatically, growing its membership base, considerably increasing and diversifying the services it offers to its members, launching a highly successful recycling scheme and constantly pushing forward innovative training initiatives. Helen transformed FeRFA into the ‘go to’ resource for training in the resin flooring industry, and this undoubtedly reflects Helen’s passion for this subject more than anything else. She is now leaving the Association to enjoy a well-earned retirement.

So FeRFA is delighted to welcome its new chief executive Mark Spowage. A self-confessed “techie”, Mark views his main role as to build on the work carried out by Helen during her tenure at the top.

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September 2018


Resin flooring is the flooring of choice for industrial applications whether manufacturing or warehousing. These include the most aggressive environments, because of the excellent performance characteristics of resin flooring and its ability to provide a seamless, hygienic, durable and slip-resistant floor.

FeRFA, the Resin Flooring Association, represents the majority of companies in the sector and uses a classification for different resin flooring types. This is the basis of the British Standard BS8204-6. The resin types are defined from Type 1 to Type 8, based on the applied thickness of the resin system. The thickest type is greater than 6mm and is effectively impervious, for the heaviest loading and trafficking. The FeRFA classification system allows a cross-reference between products from different manufacturers, irrespective of brand names, and provides useful guidance when selecting a resin flooring system.

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September 2018

The View From FeRFA

FeRFA – the Resin Flooring Association aims to improve its service to members and to create a ‘go to’ resource for the whole resin flooring industry with the launch of a new website this summer.

The FeRFA website has been an important resource for companies in the resin flooring industry for a number of years. This month the Association is launching an entirely new site which includes all the familiar features which the industry has come to value, such as best practice technical guidance. FeRFA’s online presence now has a refreshed, modern look and a simple, intuitive user interface.

The first impression the visitor has of the new site is that it is highly visual and image-led, showcasing some of the best resin flooring installations on the market. High quality project imagery highlights the potential of resin flooring. Case studies are divided into a number of key sectors, including manufacturing, commercial, aviation, retail and other areas. The main image on the homepage ‘rotates’, meaning that a new image comes up each time the page is refreshed, again showcasing key projects and installations. The homepage also features an updated FeRFA logo.
To make it easier than ever before to find a FeRFA member, it is possible to search on Member Category (for instance contractor or manufacturer), Flooring Type, Industry Sector or Service offered. This makes it straightforward for the industry to access the high quality services offered by FeRFA members.
The new site is built on WordPress and uses a Content Management System to enhance ease of use for both user and administrator. The fact that new content can be quickly and easily added also means that the content will be newer and more relevant than ever before. Members are able to update their entries on the site in a straightforward and intuitive fashion. Each member has their own login details, enabling them to upload, not just basic company information, but news stories and articles which they believe may be of interest to the wider resin flooring community.

The site also features very powerful Google analytical tools, so that numbers of visits, most visited pages, length of time on the site and other useful data is collected. This data can be used for further development and enhancement of the site in the future.
Up to 50 per cent of visits to most websites nowadays are from mobile devices – and this is only set to increase in the future. Visitors will therefore find that the new site is fully optimised for mobile use. Using Responsive Web Design, the site is developed in a way which allows it to perform effectively on any sized device. This includes a column layout which automatically reformats when expanded or shrunk to different resolutions. This in turn impacts on how the site rearranges itself for mobile screens, what content appears and in what order. Responsively designed sites also appear higher up in search engine rankings, making it easier for the industry to find the information that they need.

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August 2018

VI Industrial Supplies Add Trimaco Dust Containment Products To Their Range

Want to create a simple, effective dust barrier system? Protect surfaces? Enclose work areas?

Trimaco E-Z up dust containment poles and Peel + Stick Zippers used to protect surfaces and enclose work areas when used in conjunction with our temporary protective sheeting whether it be medium duty clear polythene sheeting or heavy duty visqueen sheeting enabling quick, easy and convenient dust control.

Creating a dust barrier couldn’t be simpler with the heavy duty aluminium dust containment poles, available from VI Distribution in 2 heights, 12ft and 20ft. These E-Z up poles are simple and easy to use, clip onto your chosen protective sheeting and adjust the pole to the ceiling height and the unique foot pedal will ensure a snug fit.

Once your temporary barrier is created, use the re-sealable Trimaco Peel & Stick Zipper to create an instant door through the protective sheeting, the zipper is double sided for ease of operation from both sides, alternatively use two zippers to create an instant roll up door, peel off the backing paper and attach zipper to the desired area on your sheeting and cut through with a utility knife.

Using the two products together gives you a quick, easy and convenient dust barrier and creates temporary floor and surface protection, ideal for construction & building sites, laying resin floors, painting and decorating and many more areas.

Place your order for Trimaco products and protective sheeting online today  or call the office on 01270 750520 to find out more information.