30th August 2018

Resin Bound Training Direct From Geveko Markings

At Geveko Markings we know resin and we are devoted to creating the most efficient solutions that are right for our customers. As a UK manufacturer of resin bound and bonded paving systems there are few suppliers that can offer their customers the same level of support and expertise as us. Using our extensive knowledge and experience, in resin paving systems, Geveko Markings, have developed a training course to give contractors the confidence to produce beautiful installations, opening the door to new business opportunities in the resin paving market. Whether you’re new to resin paving or an experienced contractor our training course gives you in-depth knowledge of resin paving systems as well as hands on experience applying both the bound and bonded systems.

Our one day training course consists of a presentation that gives you a clear understanding of resin binders and their use within bound and bonded paving systems. We will discuss the importance of the sub-base and how best to prepare the area prior to installation, so that you can achieve a strong and durable resin surface, and we can make you aware of some of the issues that you may face when approaching an installation and how best to deal with them. Resin paving is a very versatile material and we give you some creative inspiration on how both systems can be used to create shapes, patterns and even text, so that you have something different to offer your customers. After lunch everyone will have the opportunity to have practical training with both our systems, get a feel for our material and see how easy it is to apply. At every stage our knowledgeable staff will be on-hand to answer your questions and give you guidance.

We strongly believe in giving our contractor customers all the information and support that they need to start or progress in their resin paving business. We are always available to answer your questions and we are happy to attend and support you at your first application. Geveko Markings is a member of the FeRFA Resin Bound Technical Committee which is developing a UK Training Standard for Resin Bound systems.

If you are interested to learn more about resin bound and bonded systems and how they can work for you, please contact us on 01963 364640.