4th June 2018

Resin Bound Surfacing Product Awareness Training, delivered by the experts

The Ronacrete Product Awareness Training Course is designed to make you aware of the essential elements which make up a good and durable surfacing.

We want all of our contractor customers to know the ins and outs of resin bound surfacing installation; what is best practice and what to avoid. We don’t just show you how a mixer works and how to apply the mixed material. Every step of the process is covered, from surface preparation, to setting up your tools on the day, to getting the best finish possible. Every part of the process is covered in detail and we explain why we suggest installation should be carried out that way. Many of the people we have trained have attended training courses elsewhere, but have left them confused and questioning suggested methods which then causes problems on site.

Our training session begins with a presentation, not just about resin bound surfacing, but about SuDS compliance and the importance of the base and sub-base build up that will support the resin bound surface. We discuss the importance of using the correct aggregates and how lack of awareness about essentials can cost you a lot of money. Following the presentation we sit and discuss all the different aspects of resin bound surfacing and where things can go wrong on site, suitable installation conditions and maintenance after completion, which we hope you will share with your clients. Once the discussion is complete, we move to the demonstration area. This is where we demonstrate the different methods we have discussed and show how effective they are on site. Every person in attendance then has the opportunity to try our methods and carry out a small installation. After everyone has had a go, we head back for lunch and a Q&A session. At the end of the course, each company is provided with product literature and a sample case which covers our full range of resin bound surfacing blends, which have been tested for permeability, strength and slip resistance.

The process doesn’t end when session finishes, we believe that ongoing support is vital. Ronacrete provides free on-site support to all our customers and approved contractors whenever it is needed. It is important to us that whoever is installing our products is comfortable doing so, as this makes sure the best results are achieved and if the contractor wants us on site to answer any questions, then that is where we will be.

If you want to learn about resin bound surfacing and fully understand the essentials, please get in touch with the industry experts on 01279 638 700 or visit https://www.ronacrete.co.uk/page/product-awareness-training/