9th May 2017

Apollo Construction Solutions Launches Drive Restore (A1398)

Apollo Construction Solutions (APCS) is excited to launch Drive Restore (A1398), a unique and cost effective solution for rejuvenating resin bound surfaces.

As the UK’s largest privately-owned liquid adhesive, sealant, primer and resin manufacturer, we have worked with decorative surfacing companies for over twenty years and developed a strong reputation for supplying high performance polyurethane resins.

From our time in the industry, we understand the real issue facing our customers is addressing dull and matted drives and other large decorative surfaces. In the past, restoring resin surfaces was a lengthy and costly process. This was until we developed Drive Restore (A1398); it is a hardwearing UV-resistant polyurethane sealer that:

• Restores tired resin bound surfaces to their natural beauty.

• Minimises projects costs through spray application.

• Assists with anti-slip and may help with remedial work*.

With a patent pending, Drive Restore (A1398) is easily spray-applied via a pressurised canister system and provides a tough layer to restore and extend the life of the surface, whilst maintaining SUDs compliance.

Drive Restore (A1398) enables our customers, home owners, local authorities and facilities managers to enjoy the fresh and glossy appearance of their decorative surfaces for longer*.

In addition, Drive Restore (A1398) ensures economical even coverage, unlike a roller-coat product. It can re-life UV and non- UV surfaces, including driveways, paths and other large decorative areas. Drive Restore is sold throughout our carefully selected partners throughout the UK.

For further product information, including data sheet, Aspen and Floor Slip Resistance reports, please visit www.apolloconstructionsolutions.co.uk or contact us at 01827 542 81.

*Drive Restore (A1398) should only be used for such projects with Apollo Construction Solutions’ approval or our partners’ approval.

* QUV Testing indicates that Drive Restore (A1398) can last up to 2 years.

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