30th March 2017

Two new apprenticeship groups start this month

This month we welcomed 14 new apprentices – nine started on the In Situ Resin scheme and five on the surface preparation scheme. The two year courses will both lead to an NVQ level 2 diploma and are fully grant funded by CITB for in scope employers.

FeRFA Trainer Terry Foxley guided the apprentices in this group for the first of their two day modules which included an introduction to the scheme, an induction from CITB, and an in-depth health & safety training session.

Resin 19 and Prep 9 Group On the Resin Scheme the apprentices are: Liam Griffin (Britannia Industrial Flooring) Neil Garnon (F & G Industrial) Mitchell Cross (Orchid Flooring) Luke Oliver, Adam Oliver and Nicholas Lancaster (Polydeck Resins) Ben Tanner and Stefan Mordecai (TPS360) and Gregor Eckert (Veitchi Industrial)

On the Surface Preparation Scheme the apprentices are: Thomas Mallett (F & G Industrial) Sean Vickery and Richard Hughes (TPS360) Brian George and David Logan (Veitchi Industrial)

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