25th March 2017

PPC’s 180 Grinder and 202DSLP Vacuum – a formidable team

The Preparation Group has launched the PPC 180 Grinder, designed for use in confined floor areas and for edgework along with the 202DSLP Longopac® Vacuum. Together they are a revolution in removing problematic materials from concrete whilst at the same time controlling and minimising exposure to dust.

Critically, the 180 Grinder avoids the operator having to work on their hands and knees. Anti-vibration features also remove the risk of hand/arm vibration meaning that there is no restriction on length of usage.

The powerful 2.5kw motor and interchangeable accessories, including turbo grinding discs for hard and soft floors and polycrystalline diamonds for adhesive removal, render the tool ideal for; cleaning and keying all types of surfaces, removing concrete laitance, smoothing and levelling, de-scaling and removing sticky compounds and paint. It is also quickly assembled and disassembled with a fold down handle for easy transportation.

The unique steel dust shroud design allows airflow, preventing restriction of movement and ensuring uniform results. This shroud connects the 180 Grinder to a dust extraction unit and The Preparation Group recommends the compact, portable 202DSLP Longopac® Vacuum. The advantage of the 202DSLP is that it can used with all types of surface preparation equipment, from large machines down to small hand tools and also in isolation with an optional wand. It features a revolutionary airflow system for high suction levels and a Longopac® Safe Bagging System to ensure a dust free operation where all airborne particles are safely contained. Instead of a dust bin, dust and solid material is collected into a continuous anti-static feeding bag which is twisted and sealed by the operator into smaller bags for disposal. The 202DSLP vacuum delivers exceptional filtration levels, supplied with an ‘M’ class filter as standard or can be made ‘H’ type. It is available as a ATEX rated for use in food and petrochemical environments.

Energy saving, the 202DSLP’s twin motors, with a combined power of 2.3kw, allow the operator to increase/decrease power and suction, optimising dust containment or saving energy when the selected operation does not require full operating capacity. Additional socket to plug tools eliminate the need for extra cables and transformers.

The 180 Grinder and the 202DSLP are robust for daily use, easily stored, transported and manoeuvred and require minimal maintenance.

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