9th October 2016

What Does Brexit Mean for Waste Management in the UK Construction Industry

As the waste management industry comes to terms with Brexit, the implications of life without EU directives and funding are being fully explored.

Fears of prolonged chaos – as EU directives are unpicked and new regulations envisaged – are being balanced by acknowledgement that referendum hype heightened anxieties on both sides.

A recent report ‘Brexit: Assessing the ESG Implications’ by Sustainalytics argues that the probability of policy changes in most areas affecting waste management remains ‘low or moderate’ because UK foundational law underpins EU directives.

Report co-author Doug Morrow said: “On both sides of the debate, the Leave and the Stay, there was an exaggeration of what it will mean for UK companies.”

But there are fears that air quality and waste reduction commitments could be abandoned as Britain frees itself from EU directives. Reconomy’s blog takes a closer look at how the UK’s waste management and construction sectors are assessing their industry prospects post-Brexit.

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