15th September 2016

Landfill Tax Update – What Will It Cost You and Your Supply Chain

Reconomy’s latest blog posting takes a closer look at what these ongoing landfill tax rises could potentially mean for you and your supply chain.

As of April 2016, landfill tax rates have risen across the UK. The standard rate is now £84.40 per tonne, and that rate is set to increase even more over the coming years. While the devolved governments are yet to announce their prices, English companies already know that they’ll be charged £88.95 per tonne to use landfills by 2018.

These charges represent a significant outlay for the construction industry, so it’s no wonder that more and more companies are looking to adopt waste management best practices to keep these costs down. So just what will the landfill tax rises cost you and your supply chain, and how can you mitigate the rising prices of waste disposal?

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