9th September 2016

DCP acquires Everlac GB

Don Construction Products (DCP) is pleased to announce its newest acquisition in Haverhill, United Kingdom, Everlac GB Ltd.

Everlac has an excellent track record in developing and producing coating and finishing products for more than 35 years. It produces products for many industries but specialises in sports coatings. Everlac offers coating solutions for tennis courts, multisport surfaces, netball courts, gym floors, and playgrounds. Everlac uses the best in modern coatings technology to satisfy the needs of the contractor and player using the sports facility.

Everlac prides itself in using the latest of resin and coating technologies to give brighter pigmentation, longer lasting and harder wearing coats without the environmental issues associated with solvent based coatings. Its dedication to high quality and bespoke products that cater to all customer needs has made is it so successful in the last 10 years that their products are now supplied through their wholly owned subsidiary ‘Sports Coatings Ltd.’

DCP has been looking for some time to expand its manufacturing base, particularly on the resin side and since early this year has been working towards this acquisition, which has recently been completed. Lesley Clarke, Business Development Manager at DCP, comments, “Everyone at DCP is delighted to be working with the team at Everlac, this has given us the opportunity to offer an improved range of quality products to our customers at very competitive prices within the market. Over the next few months we will be working hard with everyone there to bring more products on board and look forward to releasing more information as it becomes available.