5th September 2016

RSL gets the best from Polyaspartic technology to develop new range

The UK’s leading specialist manufacturer of resin floor and wall finishes, RSL, will launch Elladur™ this month taking the very best of polyaspartic technology to the next level.

An experienced team of chemists and product developers at Resin Surfaces Ltd has devised a new generation of polyaspartic materials with game-changing benefits for the marketplace. Martin Wroe, Commercial Director at RSL said: “We have been road-testing Elladur™ in key markets with specialist contractors for the last 12 months and are very excited to be bringing the Elladur™ range to market this Autumn. It meets the need for efficient, greener flooring solutions – and thanks to the skills of our chemists – is a truly innovative take on a proven material which used to be challenging to handle – not anymore.” The most common barriers to effective flooring solutions using polyaspartics have been length of pot life and odours present during application and impact on the environment. Elladur™ is the first resin solution to combat all of these issues. At the same time, it delivers the durability, performance, and quality that you come to expect from an RSL floor. The range is fast-curing, even at low temperatures, solvent free, UV stable, low odour, and can be applied to a wide range of substrates in a variety of applications. By reducing installation time from days to just a few hours Elladur™ has already helped RSL make serious inroads into the custodial and retail sectors, both of whom need a super swift return to service and minimal disruption. But this key benefit is of interest to companies in many industrial and commercial environments. Pharma and manufacturing are key targets going forward. Being low odour, Elladur™ also helps contractors speed up completion times. An Elladur™ surface can be back in full working order long before competitor products.

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