Its a fast F1 finish with Husqvarna PG 820 RC

Husqvarna PG 820 RC gives a facelift to Formula One circuit in Germany.

At the end of July a somewhat unusual surface preparation mission was completed. 5.000 square meters of a thick lacquer layer was removed from the Hockenheimring Formula One circuit in Germany. The Hockenheimring maintenance team had a challenging task ahead. They needed to remove old advertising spaces from the ground at the Hockenheimring Formula One circuit in Baden-Württemburg, Germany.

The difficult part was removing the thick lacquer layer that was piled over decades without damaging the pavement. And all that on an area of 5.000 square meters. The Hockenheimring team had been looking for a fast and effective solution for a long time, when they finally found and decided to invest in the PG 820 RC floor grinder.

The team had a very distinct deadline, they needed to finish the work by the end of July, in time for the big annual Formula One event “Der große Preis von Deutschland”.

The German Husqvarna surface preparation specialist, Karl-Heinz Butz, trained the Hockenheimring team in how to operate the machine. He also gave overall support to the whole project. “The team was very eager to learn and the remote-control was really a big advantage when preparing an area as big as this one”, says Karl-Heinz.

He continues: “The time window in which we had access to work on the pavement was limited. Actually, due to regular practise on the circuit, we could only use the machines between 6 and 9am. Therefore the machine had to be very effective and fast. PG 820 RC is both.

The job was completed in time and the customer was very pleased with the result. They will continue to use their PG 820 RC on the same areas over and over again in order to remove and replace different promotions that are painted on the ground. They will also use the machine for preparing the tracks. That way they can adjust the track to fit different needs and create the suitable conditions for instance dragster racing as well as Formula One.

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Kemtile appoints estimator / surveyor Paul Doyle

Kemtile – the hygienic flooring, wall systems and drainage specialists based in Warrington – has further strengthen its capabilities with the appointment of Paul Doyle as Estimator / Surveyor.

Paul brings with him to Kemtile a decade’s experience in surveying and estimating for specialist resin flooring projects.

Prior to that, Paul had undertaken similar roles within the construction sector – working on a wide variety of projects including general building, refurbishments and facades.

His experience and understanding of such a breadth of construction projects is set to greatly enhance Kemtile’s already excellent service offering. He is now one of the company’s first points of contact with food and drink manufacturing clients – providing expert pricing and surveying advice for both BASF Ucrete polyurethane resin floors and Kagetec ceramic tiling systems.

Paul said: “It goes without saying that I’m delighted to have joined the team here at Kemtile. The company’s outstanding reputation is founded on its high standards of delivery on projects and excellent management from start to finish – and I wanted to be a part of it.

“I believe that my previous experience stands me in good stead to continue to provide our clients with the levels of knowledge, expertise and service for which Kemtile is renowned. I’m very much looking forward to developing my role and experience here.

Stephen Westley, Joint Managing Director at Kemtile, says: “Paul brings with him proven experience of the specialist flooring sector, which makes us even better equipped to meet needs of our growing client base within the food and drink processing sectors.

“As our client base grows we need to ensure that we increase our team. Paul’s appointment enables us to continue to grow our capabilities and we are delight to welcome him to the Kemtile team.”

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New Husqvarna DC 6000 – greater performance and efficiency

The new Husqvarna DC 6000 comes with a self-opening gate valve, new filter and an improved raise and lower function. With all the updates, the new DC 6000 is more user-friendly and contributes to higher efficiency and greater performance.

The new DC 6000 is more automated, thus enabling the operator to grind non-stop and keep a better focus on the result.

”With the functions of the new gate valve, the cyclone with dust is auto-dumped every three minutes. This prevents overfilling and saves time for the user”, says Joakim Leff-Hallstein, Global Product Manager Floor Grinding, Husqvarna Construction Products. “In addition, DC 6000 comes with an improved filter which enhances cleaning and keeps a continuous air flow over time.”

Another update on the dust collector are the cones on the cyclone and filter units. The cones ensure that the dust remains in the bag after being dumped. It is also easy to see how full the dust collector is while operating. Also, DC 6000 has an improved raise and lower functionality. It is now a one man operation to lower and raise the unit, with a rail attached to the lower frame and bearings attached to the upper frame.

“All the updates combined mean higher efficiency and significantly less dust on the floor and in the air, which saves time but also contributes to a more healthy environment for the users. I am sure that the new version of our DC 6000 will receive a warm welcome on the market”,concludes Joakim Leff-Hallstein.

Main benefits

Self-opening gate valve

• New HEPA 13 filter

• Cones on the cyclone and filter

• Improved transport position

For full benefits and technical specifications refer to the Case Study link below.

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RonaDeck Low VOC Tool Cleaner/Trowel Finishing Aid

Ronacrete introduces a new low VOC trowel cleaner to its RonaDeck range of resin bound and bonded surfacing products.

RonaDeck Low VOC Tool Cleaner/Trowel Finishing Aid is an eco friendly solvent which is readily biodegradable with low volatile organic compound emissions. It is used for removing uncured polyurethane and epoxy resins from equipment used in the resin bound surfacing and resin bonded surfacing application process. Regular cleaning with RonaDeck Low VOC Tool Cleaner/Trowel Finishing Aid will ensure that equipment is sufficiently clean and prolong usable life.

RonaDeck Low VOC Tool Cleaner/Trowel Finishing Aid is an effective alternative to white spirit, Xylene and other volatile solvents. The product cleans more efficiently, because the solvent is slow to evaporate, providing more working time, when compared with acetone, cellulose thinners and other highly volatile solvents.

Features and benefits

• Low VOC content

• Low odour

• Biodegradable

• Non Chlorinated

• Not dangerous for transportation

• High flash point > 800C

For more information about RonaDeck Low VOC Tool Cleaner/Trowel Finishing Aid and other products in the RonaDeck range visit, email tech @ or phone 01279 638700.

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