27th May 2016

National Flooring Goes Tree Planting

The National Flooring Company demonstrated its continuing commitment to environmental issues by supporting a local tree planting initiative.

In 2010 the Peterborough Environmental City Trust (PECT) launched Forest for Peterborough, a project which aims to plant over 180,000 trees by 2030. The scheme is run in conjunction with Investors in the Environment, a not for profit environmental accrediation scheme that was first established to help local businesses in Cambridge. Forest for Peterborough relies heavily on volunteered support to reach this target and as a result runs volunteer days around the Peterborough area.

Working towards their green accreditation for the 3rd year running, The National Flooring Company, along with sister company, Degafloor, volunteered to help towards this target in the Bretton Woods area of Peterborough. To gain one of their “essential actions” set out to achieve the green status, staff members and their families, gave up their spare times on a Saturday morning to help plant trees. The company’s efforts meant that over 200 trees were planted which enabled the initiative to reach their yearly target.

The National Flooring Company has a continued commitment towards environmental initiatives and believes that supporting a local not for profit organisation is not only beneficial in achieving the company’s aims but also in improving the local area.

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