Flowcrete UK Unveils New Flooring Systems Tailored to Overcome Challenging Application Issues

Flowcrete UK has launched a series of flooring solutions designed to create high performance, easy to install floors despite difficult installation conditions.

The new systems that have been added to Flowcrete UK’s comprehensive flooring collection are Flowfresh HF LT, Flowflex Joint Sealant, Isocrete Screedfast Flex and Aqualock One Coat.

Flowfresh HF LT has an increased fluidity at lower temperatures, which makes it easier to spread and finish on construction sites that fall below 15°C. It is produced without pine oil to minimise odour during the floor’s installation and its highly effective resistance to water marking helps to ensure a high-quality finish.

The one-part, non-sagging Flowflex Joint Sealant provides contractors with a hybrid-polymer based elastic sealant that maintains a high mechanical strength and permanent elasticity. This fast curing system is ideal for floor joints in both indoor and outdoor applications such as pedestrian walkways, warehouses and parking areas. Its excellent resistance to weathering, ageing and UV exposure means that it won’t deteriorate when faced with the practicalities of everyday use.

The recently launched Isocrete Screedfast Flex, a polymer modified cement, has been specially formulated to deliver a high strength screed within a very fast curing time. At 20°C this Category A screed is able to dry to 75% relative humidity (RH) in only 24 hours.

The solvent and water free, epoxy resin, damp proof membrane Aqualock OneCoat allows for the immediate installation of moisture sensitive floor finishes onto damp concrete and cementitious screeds with a moisture content of up to 97%. Not only has this system been tested to protect against damage from moisture vapour in accordance with the BS 8293 standard, but it can also be combined with underfloor heating to create an energy efficient floor build-up.

Flowcrete UK’s Managing Director, Kevin Potter, said: “Our new systems have been formulated to overcome commonplace but difficult problems that contractors frequently have to deal with, such as low ambient temperatures, water marking, slow curing speeds and damp substrates – all of which can make a flooring project difficult or can lead to an early floor failure.

“Flowfresh HF LT for example is ideal for creating a robust, seamless and highly effective floor when the temperature falls below the optimum range for resin coatings to cure. This is especially useful in cold rooms or large industrial sites, where the cost and effort of bringing the whole area up to a higher ambient temperature is often prohibitive.”

All of Flowcrete UK’s new solutions were presented to contractors during a special launch event at the resin flooring manufacturer’s headquarters at the Flooring Technology Centre in Sandbach, Cheshire.

Expert applicators from across the UK came to the event to find out about these latest flooring innovations and to observe demonstrations on how the new systems are installed. Flowcrete UK is committed to informing its network of approved contractors about the advantages and installation practicalities of its latest developments to ensure that the industry is kept up-to-date with advances in resin flooring technology.

New product releases are central to Flowcrete UK’s future plans and it will be introducing a number of solutions during 2016, focusing on pioneering, state-of-the-art ways to solve the challenges of both new-build and refurbishment flooring projects within large-scale commercial and industrial facilities.

To find out more about the new products and to download technical information about them, head to www.flowcrete.co.uk.

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FeRFA’s latest resin flooring apprentices start

Ten new apprentices were welcomed to the training scheme for in situ resin flooring this month.

For these first sessions the apprentices were given an introduction to the course and an in-depth health & safety training module delivered by Terry Foxley, the FeRFA trainer. They also had the opportunity to meet with their Apprentice Officer and receive an induction from CITB. Resin Group 17 are:

Jake Brown (Central Flooring Services), Charles Abel (Hart Site Services), Steve Baker, Lee Cornish and Gary Ashby (Polydeck), Daniel Morland and Mark Harrison (Reprotec UK), James Murray (Surtech), Simon Murphy (Ultrasyntec) and Brian Quinn (Veitchi) All schemes lead to an NVQ level 2 diploma and are fully grant funded by CITB for in scope employers.

More details on the apprenticeship scheme and other training opportunities are on the FeRFA website

New remote controlled floor grinder from Husqvarna

Increased productivity with new Husqvarna PG820 RC

The PG 820 RC is a new, remote controlled floor grinder from Husqvarna offering very high productivity, powerful performance and eminent ergonomics. Thanks to battery power it is also easy to transport to and from the work site.

With a remote control this new machine gives the operator freedom and full manoeuvrability of the machine. Productivity is improved with more machine hours per day, as the operator can correct hoses and power cord, move the dust collector, inspect the floor and prepare the next set of tools – all while the machine is still running and doing the job.

The remote control unit also offers a possibility to optimise the grinding parameters and to assure quality for the specific application. This control enables consistent operation and results even when changing operator.

The operator is not exposed to vibrations and sideway forces of the machine. Thanks to this, the operator does not feel fatigue. Additionally, the integrated battery power makes the transportation effortless.

Of course, PG 820 RC comes with all the advantages of the already existing, best in class, PG 820. With Dual Drive Technology™, PG 820 RC is one of the market’s most powerful and efficient machines that can be optimised for each application. It is an excellent choice for concrete floor preparation and repair as well as all polishing and grinding applications – both wet and dry.

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Enhance the beauty and strength of concrete floors with Husqvarna HiPERFLOOR.

Enhance the beauty and strength of concrete floors with Husqvarna HiPERFLOOR.

Concrete is one of the most durable surfaces known to man. But by mechanically refining the surface through grinding, polishing and chemical treatment, we can bring the surface to a whole new level of beauty, functionality and strength. With different specified processes, a flooring solution can be tailored to fit any requirement – esthetic, flatness, gloss and price.

Only by using Husqvarna equipment, diamond tools and concrete chemicals can a polished concrete floor truly be called HiPERFLOOR.

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Sika UK appoints new General Manager

Global building product manufacturer, Sika, has appointed Dragan Maksimović as General Manager, a role that will see him build on the continued growth of the company across its multiple UK markets.

Dragan joined Sika in 2002. Based in Belgrade he was responsible for developing the company’s operation in Serbia where the company today has become market leader in a number of local market sectors with a strong operation and its own production facilities for concrete admixtures and mortars.

The new appointment will see him build on the already well established Sika brand in the UK. In 2016, the company is aiming to achieve 6% growth in net sales whilst maintaining profitability levels. Major focuses that will help the company achieve this centre on further development of its network of specifiers, strengthening relationships with key specialist distributors and adding to the Sika contractor networks. The company will also continue to focus efforts on securing major projects via its Major Project Management Team, who have shown great success in 2015, as well as developing inter-company business.

“I strongly believe that teamwork stands behind every result and that people do make the difference,” commented Dragan. “Relationships inside the company and towards the customers are the main drivers for sustainable good results. Sika UK is a strong company and I am looking forward to the challenge of growing the brand in the UK.”

Sika UK has grown steadily over the past few years, reaching one of the highest sales and profit results of Sika globally, despite operating in challenging market conditions.

Dragan takes over from Ivo Schaedler who has taken on the extended responsibility of Area Manager Europe South, responsible for the UK, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Mauritius within Sika.

First Practical Modules for Screeding Apprentices

The FeRFA Screeding apprentices have had their first opportunity to mix and lay screeds as part of their two year NVQL2 training scheme.

The two day course, held at the excellent training facilities of The Preparation Group in Lincoln, included both classroom and practical training on traditional applied screeds. With screeding material kindly donated by Flowcrete, the apprentices set up a mixing station, test the material and laid the screed with reinforcement in various bays, at thicknesses of up to 80 mm. PPE for this session was provided by VI Distribution.

The apprentices will return to Lincoln in May for the next module which covers Calcium Sulfate screeds.

Learners in this group are: Jordan Burgess, Scott Barclay (TPS360), Michael Gibbs and Thomas Henderson (Trent Construction Services).

Husqvarna launches DC 600 dust collector

Husqvarna launches CD6000 – an effective and high performing Dust Collector.

With the new DC 6000 Dust Collector, Husqvarna further strengthens its position within the floor preparation sector.

The dust management system has an advanced cyclone technology which enables constant high air flow and high productivity while leaving less dust on the floor.

The new system matches the highly productive Dual Drive grinding machines Husqvarna PG 820 and Husqvarna PG 680 – a big advantage for the users. Husqvarna DC 6000 will replace Husqvarna DC 5500, a vacuum cleaner with a traditional two filter system.

Now, with the patented double shell cyclone technology with automatic filter cleaning, DC 6000 provides a number of new benefits. The centrifugal force in the double shell cyclones separates 95 % of the dust from the intake air. The dust is then collected in a Longopac® system. The durability and reliability of Longopac® allows fast, drop-down, dust free, disposal into individually sealed plastic bags.

The air continues into the filter cylinder, where the filter catches the remaining dust. Also, compressed air is used to always keep the filter clean and effective. The purging cycle is computerized for optimum filter cleaning, which results in a productive dust collector with no lost in suction over time.

DC 6000 is developed with a HEPA 13 filter rating. This rating is often a requirement on job sites in the industry. It is a certified filter that meets global health environment standards. For easy transport DC 6000 can also be lowered 28 centimeters, in order to fit in vehicles etc

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Preparation Group’s Open Days a great success

The Open Days held by The Preparation Group at its Lincoln Training and Demonstration Centre to mark the company’s 25th anniversary on 1st and 2nd March, were a great success.

“We were delighted by the turnout,” said Managing Director Tracey Glew. “Visitors attended from a wide range of sectors and backgrounds. It was our chance to showcase the latest innovations through practical demonstrations of new products and a great way for our visitors to share ideas and network in an informal, relaxed environment.”

Visitors were able to see The Preparation Group’s market leading equipment from small hand tools to large ride-on machines, as they undertook removal of carpet, vinyl, adhesives and ceramic tiles, other processes demonstrated on a variety of surfaces included shot blasting, planing, grinding, and polishing, with the latest technology in Dust extraction.

Demonstrations included the recently launched Terrco 701 and polishing machine. The new 180 model grinder, powerful and effective on a wide range of surfaces to clean, smooth, prepare and remove adhesives, ideal for the professional contractor for tough jobs and exacting results.

Also displayed were The Preparation Group’s range of Dust extraction units from single motor to 3 phase filtration systems, designed to maximise dust control designed for use with all types of tools and equipment, providing a safe working environment for the user.

Further events are scheduled throughout the year.

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