26th February 2016

Air Monitoring Services from Oceans-ESU

Do you require protection measures for the public or your workforce from harmful emissions/dust? Oceans ESU team is able to provide this and more.

Oceans-ESU Ltd is a highly respected technical consultancy specialising in providing tailored air monitoring services and advice for a variety of industrial, retail and municipal applications including for the application of resin flooring.

Monitoring works may include the capability for remote logging or full-time attendance by an experienced Site Chemist. Services include: COSHH and DSEAR risk assessments, analysis of vapours, fumes and dusts, advice on Workplace Exposure Limits and biological monitoring for certain hazardous substances. Follow-up works include interpretative summaries, conclusions and recommendations.

Other consultancy services provided by Oceans include bioremediation, using our reed bed technology, and contaminated land remediation

Visit http://www.oceans-esu.com/, see one of our Case Studies or contact us at contact @ oceans-esu.com

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