9th January 2016

Surface Dryer stops your projects slowing down

The Preparation Group’s PPC700 Turbo Dryer stops damp conditions halting your project and speeds up the drying of joints.

As Winter approaches, The Preparation Group’s PPC700 Turbo Surface Dryer represents the ideal solution for outdoor and indoor projects, where a dry surface is required quickly. It delivers a highly powerful and efficient drying action.

Powered by a 7Hp diesel engine and propane cylinder, gas and air are mixed within the main body of the unit providing a direct burst of heat through the front wand. The compact, self contained design produces a heat capacity to 1200°C. It is easy to manoeuvre and requires no compressor.

The PPC700 Turbo Surface Dryer has a wide range of applications including; drying floors prior to shotblasting, removing surface contaminants, drying joints prior to re-sealing and raising background surface temperature for the application of specialist materials e.g. resins.

Says Tracey Glew, Managing Director; ‘The PPC700 presents a solution to problems that can slow a project down. Our Contracting Division uses it and it has become a critical piece of equipment in our portfolio. An example project is where we needed to dry a runway at a major airport prior to the application of line markings. It has no vibration hazard so can be operated for long periods of time.’

For a full specification or demonstration of the PPC700 Surface Dryer’s capabilities call The Preparation Group on 01522 561460.

Find further information at http://preview.tinyurl.com/p9nlcm9.

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