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FeRFA Guide to the Specification & Application of Synthetic Resin Flooring June 2016

The Guide covers the design of appropriate flooring, preparation of concrete bases and fine concrete screeds, work on site, osmosis, health and safety considerations, the inspection, testing and maintenance of flooring. RIBA CPD Approved (269kb)

RIBA Approved
Guide to the Selection of Synthetic Resin Floors Sep 2001

Looks at the types of synthetic resin flooring available and explains the relationship between the properties available within a particular flooring type and the conditions under which that flooring type will be applied and used in service. Typical characteristics of all eight classifications are laid out in comparable tables. (78Kb)

Resin Bound Systems for External Applications TGN 14
April 2017
In separate sections, the guide gives recommendations for the selection, design, substrate preparation, application, maintenance and for the inspection and testing of surfacing.  Its scope includes resin bound surfacing applied to concrete, asphalt concrete conforming to EN 13108 - 1 and hot rolled asphalt conforming to EN 13108 – 4. (715Kb)  
Resin Bonded Surfacing Systems For External Applications TGN 13
July 2017
This guide gives recommendations for the design considerations, application and care and maintenance on resin bonded surfacing applications.  Its scope includes resin bound surfacing applied to concrete, asphalt concrete conforming to EN 13108 - 4 and hot rolled asphalt conforming to EN 13108 – 4. (1.1MB)  
FeRFA Guide to Selection of Deck Waterproofing & Wearing Surfaces for Car Parks TGN 09
Mar 2012

Designed to assist car park owners and their professional construction consultants to make the right decisions in assessing car park conditions and requirements and to select the most appropriate systems.
RIBA CPD approved document

RIBA Approved
'Comfort' Resin Flooring Systems  TGN 12
Sept 17
‘Comfort flooring’ or ‘liquid vinyl’ resin systems have been growing in popularity in recent years.  This 4-page guidance document considers typical properties and installations, cleaning and maintenance and points to consider when choosing this type of flooring. (293kb)  
Static Controlled Flooring TGN 04
Apr 2012
Considers the situations where static controlled flooring is necessary and describes the conditions for application and the standard method of measurement. (328kb)  
Measuring and Managing the level of Slip Resistance provided by Resin Floors TGN 01
Apr 2012
Assessment of a floor’s slip resistance can be achieved using an established set of measurements and these are outlined in this document. (233kb)  
FeRFA Guide to PPE for use with In Situ Resin Floors and Surface Preparation Aug 2011
This guide, based on the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 (as amended) and Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005, explains the type of PPE required to undertake the various operations involved with surface preparation and the installation of synthetic resin flooring systems. 
Also available in printed A5 sized version - contact FeRFA for details
FeRFA Guide to Preparing Substrates to receive Resin Flooring and Finishing of 
Resin Terrazzo Systems
TGN 11
July 2014
This guide aims to outline the principles of surface preparation to prepare a substrate to receive a resin flooring system, together with the finishing methods used to grind and finish resin terrazzo.  
FeRFA Guide to The Specification and Application of Screeds TGN 15
Aug 17

In separate sections, the Guide gives recommendations for the selection, the design, substrate preparation, the application and for the inspection and testing of Screed Flooring. Its scope includes cementitious screeds, calcium sulphate screeds, polymer modified screeds and granolithic screeds. RIBA Approved RIBA Approved 
FeRFA Guide to Flowable and Trowel Applied Polymer Screeds as Underlayments for Resin Floor Finishes REVISED TGN 08
Jan 2014

This newly updated guide includes information and advice on the selection and application of flowable and trowel applied polymer modified screeds.  
FeRFA Guide to Seamless Resin Terrazzo TGN 07
Nov 09
The Guide looks at the methods for creating a terrazzo system, selection criteria - covering: surface regularity, thickness, slip resistance, timing, joints, skirtings and covings. It also discusses application (grinding, seals and polishing) as well as cleaning and maintenance.  
FeRFA Guide to Cleaning Resin Floors TGN 06
Feb 17
This 8 page document looks at the typical cleanings methods and materials, waste disposal, maintenance and spillages. It also includes a useful table covering the recommended cleaning methods for the 8 FeRFA categories of resin floor. (111kb)  
FeRFA Guide to Installing Resin Flooring Systems onto Substrates with a high moisture content TGN 05
Jul 09

Surface damp proof membranes are a valuable tool in both new and existing buildings and this document aims to give guidance on their selection, method of use and what they can achieve in relation to the physical demands of the job. (107kb)
This document replaces "The Effective Use of Surface Damp Proof Membranes" (Nov 05).

Chemical Resistance of Resin Flooring TGN 03
Jan 2009
Discusses the factors that determine the performance of resin floorings and coatings when required to protect the underlying concrete from chemical attack or to provide a protective hygienic surface in the presence of aggressive spillages. TGN 3 (730kb)  
Osmosis in Resin Flooring TGN 02
Jan 2009
Following the precautions given in this guide should reduce the likelihood of floors suffering from such problems. (298kb)  
Osmosis in Resin Flooring now available in Swedish CLICK HERE for a copy.  
FeRFA Environmental Guide TGN 10

FeRFA guide to sustainable practices for the resin flooring industry. (298kb)

Jan 2015 
Explanatory note to Resin Flooring Technical Data in compliance with 
BS 8204-6
Mar 2011
Light Reflective Value (LRV) - what is it?  
A short explanatory note on LRV including a table of RAL values. May 2013
Associates' Brochure  

A catalogue of FeRFA Associate members, who provide specialist services and products for the resin flooring and surface preparation industry.
The listings have been divided into broad sectors to aid selection of the services or products required.

Manufacturers' Brochure  
A catalogue of FeRFA Manufacturer members with details of products and services offered.
Includes trade names and details of CPD presentations available
List of Members  
Full listing of FeRFA member Contractors, Manufacturers and Associated companies. (51kb)  
FeRFA Leaflet  
Gives details about what FeRFA stands for, a table of flooring types and publications. (36kb)  
European Standards for In Situ Flooring Products  
Lists and discusses all the relevant European Standards. (44kb)  

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