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Belfry VistaThe FeRFA Annual General Meeting and Dinner 2017 will be held on: 
Friday 17 November at the Belfry Hotel in the West Midlands.

Following the success of the new format last year, we will again have a shorter afternoon annual general meeting, with time for networking, so that guests can get ready for the evening entertainment and allow couples to travel together.

The Woodlands Suite at the Belfry provides a spacious setting in which to host this popular event and we look forward to welcoming members and their guests in November.

Full details and booking forms will be issued later in the year, but meanwhile please get the date in your diary.



FeRFA will be starting new Apprenticeships in Screeding, Resin Flooring and Surface Preparation on 22 & 23 March at the Ibis Rugby East.

The two-year schemes all lead to an NVQ Level 2 Diploma and the scheme is fully grant funded for CITB registered employers and the grant of over £8,000 is available. The cost of the scheme is £6,000 per candidate payable over two years.

The current CITB funding for specialist apprenticeship schemes is very advantageous to employers, but with the changes happening with CITB and the apprentice levy this may not last, so this may be a good opportunity to put a candidate forward and enable you to recoup CITB levy payments for training.

More details on the scheme are available at: http://www.ferfa.org.uk/pdf/Training/ApprenticeshipGrantsAndCosts.pdf 
To pre-register for this scheme please download the candidate enrolment form and forward it to FeRFA http://www.ferfa.org.uk/pdf/Training/CandidateEnrolmentForm.pdf

If you wish to enrol an apprentice or have any other queries about the schemes on offer and their benefits, please call FeRFA on 07484 075 254.


PPC LogoThe 17th group of apprentices held their last training session of 2016 at The Preparation Group's training facility in Lincoln.

Resin 17 Mod 10 imageThe two-day session started with the essential techniques of proper floor preparation and then, through a combination of classroom teaching and practical experience, covered the various methods of surface preparation and the choice of equipment available. Stephen Walker, who ran the two day sessions, gave the apprentices plenty of opportunity to try a range of machines.

This group has now completed the first ten modules of their two year apprenticeship and will continue their training with further combined classroom and practical sessions on Coatings, Self smoothing, Screeds & Covings and Flowable Screeds.

The apprentices in this group are: Steve Baker, Lee Cornish and Gary Ashby (Polydeck Resins) Jake Brown (Central Flooring Services), Simon Murphy (Ultrasyntec), James Murray (Surtech) and Charles Abel (Hart Site Services), Daniel Moreland and Mark Harrison from (Reprotec UK).

UPSKILLING COURSE - Specifying and Selecting Resin Flooring

Upskilling course January 2017A one-day upskilling course on the Selecting and Specification of Resin Flooring Systems was held at Jurys Inn Hinckley Island this month and proved very popular and useful for everyone who attended.

Pictured left are the delegates from: Central Flooring, F&G Industrial, Flexflooring, Resin Coatings Specialists, Uzin Arturo and Zenith Pola.

Upskilling courses are subsidised for members and cost just £50 per person and are eligible for grant funding (for CITB levy payers). FeRFA will organise upskilling days on a range of topics and, if you have at least six to eight staff members, they can be run at your premises (or another suitable venue) at a time to suit you.

Topics include:

  • Decorative Stone & Quartz Systems
  • Flowable Screeds
  • Self Smoothing Static Dissipative & Slip Resistant
  • Polyurethane screeds & coving
  • Work Practice & Project Planning
  • Surface preparation to receive resin floors
  • Grinding & Polishing
  • Specifiying and Selecting Resin Flooring
  • Recycling Waste Management Training Course - see below

For more details on all the upskilling courses that are available please visit the Upskilling page of the website.


Elliott Lindsay has been awarded the NVQ6, having been one of the first candidates on the pilot scheme which launched in 2014.

Lindsay and Holmes NVQ6 presentationHaving left school with few qualifications, Elliott joined Reprotec 15 years ago as a general labourer.  He was able to benefit from the time and money the company put into its workforce; with regular personal development meetings, training plans, in-house supervised and other training.  Elliott was amongst the first 19 nationally to achieve the newly established NVQ2 in resin flooring qualification in 2008. This gave him the encouragement to retake his Maths and English exams as well as completing the SMSTS and a business outward bound management training course, which then enabled Elliott to take the next step and achieve his NVQ3 Supervisory Management qualification.

The high point for him has been to gain his NVQ6 in specialist contracting operations which is a degree level course.  Elliot said: “This is the best achievement of my career to date, and my challenge now is to put all that I have learnt into practice.  It is thanks to John Holmes, our MD and the Reprotec team that I have got where I am today.  They see the value of investing in training to help their staff achieve and develop as well as for the good of the company.”

John Holmes, Reprotec’s MD, added: “Elliott's endeavour to achieve NVQ Level 6, even though it was hard work and quite testing at times, is a testament to his attitude and dedication to his profession.  We are so proud of Elliott and no doubt he can achieve even more in the future.”


You too can have a winning story like the one above, for those that want to take the next step in their career we have the following courses:

  • The next NVQ level 6 will start on 13 & 14 February and be held in Nottingham.
    The course includes 12 days, in two day sessions around 6 weeks apart, in the classroom and at the same time candidates will work, using on-line workbooks, to gather a portfolio of evidence during that time. The process will be fully explained at the first sessions. Once the programme is complete and enough evidence has been gathered candidates will achieve their qualification.
    The course is £2,800 and grants are available for CITB levy payers totalling £1,900. Hotel accommodation can be booked locally to the course if required, at £50 + VAT per person, per night and includes breakfast but no evening meal.
  • NVQ level 3
    A 10 day course which takes three months and consists of 9 Modules (which are taken over 10 days as off-site training).
    The cost for the course per candidate is £2520 payable in three instalments, and the current CITB grant is £2,225 (plus 10% if levy paid in time). This includes all the training plus food and accommodation for the training days.

    For more information on this great grant-funded training opportunity click on this link, which gives details on the modules as well: www.ferfa.org.uk/pdf/Training/SupervisorTrainingInfo.pdf

* CITB grant funding is available to in-scope companies only.


Each month we have a special focus on FeRFA Associate members who provide specialist services and products into the resin flooring and screeding markets.  This month we are shining the spotlight on Boud Minerals and Slip Alert

Full details on all Associate Members are available in the FeRFA Associates' Catalogue.


Boud Minerals LogoBoud Minerals is a second generation, family-run provider of functional, decorative and lightweight filler materials for a number of industry sectors and applications.

We also provide a number of integrated services consistent with the handling and provision of mineral products such as colour matching, technical coating, dry blending, screening, drying and packaging.

We take pride in our versatility, our flexibility and our absolute commitment to remain independent in our operations.  Our philosophy is very much ‘if it helps then we’re likely to find a way to do it’.

This gives us the freedom to serve most any mineral or integrated service need; to research and develop techniques to improve performance across a range of substrates and to innovate where we feel there may be commercial benefit - for ourselves and for our customers

West Bank, Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire PE12 9QH / www.boud.com / 01406 351988


Slip Alert LogoSlipAlert LLP manufactures and sells the only slip test machine that enables anyone to swiftly and accurately measure the slip resistance of a floor.

We have been selling SlipAlerts around the world for over 10 years and it has proved its worth in saving companies, large and small, many hundreds of thousands of pounds.  A floor that has been demonstrated to have a good slip resistance on handover can be monitored with a SlipAlert throughout its life to ensure that the slip resistance does not deteriorate.

We aim to provide our customers with not just a means of testing their floors but also an understanding of slip risk.  We offer both an initial training session and ongoing customer support.

SlipAlert is described in British Standards, its results correlate with the Pendulum, and we have happy customers around the world.

3 Homefield Road, Radlett, Herts WD7 8PX / www.slipalert.com/100timesfaster / 01923 858323



The recycling data from all members has been collated and, as the graph below demonstrates, 2016 has been a record breaking year. Over 1800 tonnes have been diverted from landfill and recycled which is almost as much as in 2013 AND 2014 combined.

Just imagine what FeRFA members could achieve in 2017 if every member came on board and submitted recyling data - we may even be able to double that figure and save more waste from landfill and all the negative environmental impact that has.

Every member is being sent a very simple datasheet - only two figures are needed per month - total weight collected and total weight recycled or recovered. This is information that should be provided by your waste collector. If it isn't then ask them why not. The spreadsheet includes a graph, automatically generated from your figures - which you can show to prospective clients. Only members who provided figures in 2016 (and continue for 2017) can feature the recycling logo on the website.

More details on the recycling initiative are here: http://www.ferfa.org.uk/recycling.php

Recycling Graph 2016

FeRFA's partners in the recycling scheme are:

  • Reconomy, can assist you to reduce your total waste management costs, increase your landfill diversion, ensure compliance, under current Environment Agency legislation, maintain consistency and best practice across all sites and back-office functions. Contact 0800 834 133 / 01952 211790
  • If you are a manufacturer, Protech Plastics Containers can supply containers in various sizes to suit your product range, which are now produced from 40% recycled material. Call Protech on 01827 314615.

If you would like to improve your company's sustainability and learn more about effective and efficient waste management, why not register your interest in a one day Upskilling course. The course will cover the following topics:

  • Pre project planning for waste
    Identify the waste streams produced
    Potential risks
    Recycling and disposal options
  • Managing Wastes on Site
    Maximise Recovery/Recycling
  • Overview of the waste regulations, including hazardous waste streams
    Duty of Care
    WM3 legislation
  • Cost of Non-Compliance
  • Benefits of Best Practice of Managing Waste Efficiently



Cobra Insurance has been working with FeRFA for many years, is extremely experienced in our industry and is able to offer a bespoke range services and products specific to the resin flooring sector, including:

If you have not spoken to Howard Collins before, or it is sometime since you reviewed your insurance needs do get in contact with him, for a FREE insurance health check and a no obligation quote, on 07775 888933 or email here or visit www.cobrainsurance.co.uk


Stallard Kane LogoStallard Kane Associates Ltd provide a support service to the SME place for both Health & Safety and Employment Law. FeRFA members can access its services for free via the Business Shield - detailed below.

The latest news from SKA looks at:

  • Dealing with unauthorised absences

    An employee has taken a number of unauthorised absences over the past few weeks.  Each time they’ve trotted out a different, but plausible, excuse.  However, you can’t let this situation continue, so what’s the answer? Read more...

  • Fashion retailer fined for six fire safety offences

    In a recent court case retailer Jack Wills Limited pleaded guilty to six fire offences.  But the overriding lesson from the case was how easily the situation could have been avoided.  What happened? Read more...

Don't forget you can benefit from FeRFA's FREE Business Shield in partnership with Stallard Kane Associates to ensure you are always up to date. 

SKA understands that busy management teams don't always have the time to keep up-to-date with changes in workplace legislation and health and safety policies, which is why FeRFA has supplied FeRFA Business Shield as a key member benefit

SKa Business Shield Brochure CoverAll FeRFA members have FREE access to the Business Shield service giving you:

  • FREE access to the FeRFA Business Shield online portal
  • FREE and unlimited use of the 24hr hotline
  • FREE one hour review of your daily activity and associated risks
  • FREE one hour review of your existing employment contracts

Further details on the service are available in the brochure here.

All FeRFA members are supplied with a unique username and password for the FeRFA Business Shield and can speak to an advisor to answer any queries that you may have regarding the service.

In the meantime, members can access the advice line on 0345 076 6485.

The dedicated FeRFA Business Shield Account Manager is Barry Nicol, please call him on 07854 938693 for more details.

Other News IconOTHER NEWS


The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) is reminding the industry to get ready for the withdrawal of the Construction Related Occupation (CRO) card.

What does this mean?

  • CRO cards will cease to be issued from 31st March 2017
  • CRO cards issued since 31st March 2015 will expire on 30th September 2017

CRO cardholders must take further steps to replace their CRO cards before they expire.

What do I need to do?

The removal of the CRO card affects over 230,000 CRO card holders. In many cases CRO card holders will be required to register for existing or newly developed qualifications. In others, card holders will be asked to move to one of CSCS’s Partner Card Schemes that are more appropriate for their occupation. For some, where their occupation is not construction related or no suitable qualifications exist, a CSCS card will no longer be issued.

CRO cardholders can find out what steps they need to take by inputting their occupation into card finder and following the steps on the screen.

CRO card holders who do not take the necessary steps to replace their cards will find they will be unable to obtain another CSCS card.

The withdrawal of the CRO card is seen as a practical step towards achieving the Construction Leadership Council’s requirement of ensuring nationally recognised qualifications are in place for all construction related occupations.


The latest edition of the Build UK Newsline is available at builduk-newsline.org.uk where you can find more on:

  • Fair Payment
  • BuildUK NewslineHealth and Safety
  • Image
  • Pre-Qualification
  • Training & Skills and
  • Other News



  • SURFACE DESIGN SHOW February 7-9, Business Design Centre Islington London
  • ECOBUILD 2017 March 7-9, Excel London
    There is a free international matchmaking event during Ecobuild 2017 on Wednesday 8th of March at ExCel London. It provides a forum for potential business partners to come together via pre-arranged 30-minute one-to-one meetings. You can find out more on www.b2match.eu/ecobuild2017
  • MATERIALS 2017 April 25-26, ILEC Centre, Earls Court, London
  • FACILITIES SHOW June 20-22, Excel, London
  • LANDSCAPE SHOW September 12-13, Battersea Park, London (Exhibitors include: Star Uretech)
  • SURFACE & MATERIALS SHOW October 10-12, NEC Birmingham


Resin 15
formal modules finished - in Assessment Period
Resin 16 MOD 13: Feb 21-23 at Resdev, Elland
MOD 14: Apr 19-20 at Instarmac, Tamworth
Resin 17 MOD 11: Feb 8/9 at Sika, Welwyn Garden City
MOD 12: May 3-4 at BASF, Redditch
MOD 14: Sep 13-14 at Instarmac, Tamworth
MOD 13: Oct 24-26 at Flowcrete, Sandbach
Resin 18 MODS 6-9: Feb 8/9/10 at DSA, Nottingham
MOD 10: Apr 4/5 at Preparation Group, Lincoln
MOD 11: Jun 28-29 at Sika Welwyn Garden City
MOD 12: Oct 11-12 at BASF, Redditch
Resin 19 MODS 1-3: Feb 22-23 March at Ibis Dirft East, Rugby - NEW START
Screed 1 formal modules finished - in Assessment Period


FeRFA Council Meeting: Wednesday 8 March at Ibis Rugby East
FeRFA Technical Meeting: Wednesday 15 February at 10.00 at Ibis, Rugby East (joint lunch with Screeds Committee)
FeRFA AGM and Awards Dinner: Friday 17 November at the Belfry Hotel


FeRFA members can add news stories via the Members Area of the website. For more information on how to access this facility contact FeRFA.

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