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Social Housing Complex Refurbishes Red Walkway

Flowcrete UK has worked with the Prestwich & North Western Housing Association to revitalise the outdoor walkways at a complex in Prestwich, Manchester.

The existing finish was starting to show signs of age, wear and discoloration, with moss and weeds infiltrating the surface and in places significant sized chunks had come out of the walkway and exposed the underlying concrete. The number of holes in the surface was not only unpleasant to look at but it was also presenting a serious trip hazard. To rectify the walkway and turn it back into a colourful, functional and safe surface, Flowcrete UK supplied 650m2 of the polyurethane based transparent binder Flowbind. A 12-18mm thick coating of natural stone screed in a bright red colour was chosen for the project, as it would match the appearance of the previous system and provide the site’s tenants with a durable and attractive finish. The resin bonded stone system Flowbind contains colourful pieces of natural stone encapsulated in clear resin. The textured finish that Flowbind creates is slip resistant, which is ideal for external pedestrian areas that are exposed to the elements. It took one and a half months to complete the flooring project, after which the Prestwich & North Western Housing Association’s tenants could rest assured that the surface underfoot would maintain a colourful, slip resistant and crack free finish for an extended period of time.


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