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Harrods Wellness Clinic by Sphere8 and Remmers

Sphere8 and Remmers complete Wellness Clinic floor laying in Harrods, Knightsbridge.

This project represents a great number of achievements for Sphere8, Remmers, and the wider resin industry-highlighting successes and opportunities that are very significant for both the companies and colleagues. The project itself was a 3,200m2 Wellness Clinic on the fourth floor of the luxury Harrods Department Store in Knightsbridge, Sphere8 and Remmers worked on 163m3 of resin terrazzo flooring (and a further 230m2 of rock resin wall finishes!). There were many challenges to this process, as we had to confirm the exact coving dimensions, height, thickness and angle of curvature with the client, convey these to Diespeker via drawings and then check the final mould (like a jelly mould!) before authorising production of the coving. Once made we then had to install in situ, and many of the rooms had detailed and complex edging. There were also some very important long-term considerations to this innovative coving technique as well. All the rooms we were installing in were treatment rooms - meaning the coving had to be hygienically sealed and not allow any harbouring of bacteria. We sourced new materials to ensure that the coving was hermetically and hygienically sealed with antibacterial sealant and fit for purpose. Fortunately, the final product was smart and practical - a stylish coving solution that married with the overall aesthetic and provided a hygienic and convenient solution. This project won the Small Commercial Project of the Year Award at the 2017/18 FeRFA Best Practice Awards.


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