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Husqvarna launches DC 600 dust collector

Husqvarna launches CD6000 - an effective and high performing Dust Collector.

With the new DC 6000 Dust Collector, Husqvarna further strengthens its position within the floor preparation sector. The dust management system has an advanced cyclone technology which enables constant high air flow and high productivity while leaving less dust on the floor. The new system matches the highly productive Dual Drive grinding machines Husqvarna PG 820 and Husqvarna PG 680 – a big advantage for the users. Husqvarna DC 6000 will replace Husqvarna DC 5500, a vacuum cleaner with a traditional two filter system. Now, with the patented double shell cyclone technology with automatic filter cleaning, DC 6000 provides a number of new benefits. The centrifugal force in the double shell cyclones separates 95 % of the dust from the intake air. The dust is then collected in a Longopac® system. The durability and reliability of Longopac® allows fast, drop-down, dust free, disposal into individually sealed plastic bags. The air continues into the filter cylinder, where the filter catches the remaining dust. Also, compressed air is used to always keep the filter clean and effective. The purging cycle is computerized for optimum filter cleaning, which results in a productive dust collector with no lost in suction over time. DC 6000 is developed with a HEPA 13 filter rating. This rating is often a requirement on job sites in the industry. It is a certified filter that meets global health environment standards. For easy transport DC 6000 can also be lowered 28 centimeters, in order to fit in vehicles etc

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Husqvarna Construction Products   
Husqvarna Construction Products
Husqvarna Construction Products
Husqvarna Construction Products



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