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Decorative Resin Floors for Oxford Academy

John Lord went back to school recently and applied its expertise to improving the flooring at Cheney Academy in Headington, Oxford

Cheney Academy has been housed in the same premises since 1901 so when it was time to replace the existing tired flooring, the school decided on an altogether more modern approach. Resin floors, with their hard wearing capabilities lend themselves particularly well to educational establishments due to the high level of footfall and variation of uses they receive under one roof. The school wanted one resin flooring system which would be installed throughout the kitchens, dining hall areas, bathrooms and changing facilities. The solution was John Lord’s Acrigard FK, a highly attractive, decorative resin flooring system which is both fast curing and extremely hard wearing. Acrigard FK is methylmethacrylate based with inert mineral fillers, contributing to an aesthetically pleasing resin floor but one that is incredibly hygienic, making it a natural choice for commercial kitchen floors such as those in the school as well as the changing areas. Aside from being completely solvent free, the resin formula also has remarkable anti-slip properties and is incredibly resistant to chemicals. Acrigard FK ‘Natural Slate’ was chosen, providing a sophisticated neutral tone. John Lord manufactured the resin at their Bury based factory, before shipping it to Oxford where a team of specialist laid the floor. Due to the fast curing characteristics of the formula, the floor was installed incredibly fast allowing for minimal disruption to normal school life. The resin floor is now installed in the establishment providing a complete practical package and one that will stand the test of time, and whatever the pupils can throw at it.

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